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Address: The Platinum Pheowa, NH-152 Dhand Road, District Kurukshetra Pehowa 136128


Spread into 4.5 acres of land The Platinum is the most luxurious and modern hotel in the town Pheowa, Kurushetra.

With very elegantly and sophisticated done up interiors and furnishings of the rooms it give you a great sense of warmth and coziness as soon as you enter inside the rooms.

With A Multi cuisine restaurant, bar and kitty halls along with a very huge banquet place and lawn the hotel gives all the amenities and facilities of a metro city hotel.


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Deluxe Rooms:

These rooms comprise of all the basic amenities along with the common warmth and signature hospitality. Rest in ultimate comfort with Twin bedded accommodation having satellite TV, a Mini bar, Tea/coffee kettle.

  • LCD TV
  • WI-FI
  • 24/7 SERVICES
Executive Suite

Executive class facilities and exclusive offers can be savored at our Executive Suites. The rooms offer King Size beds to do away all the tiredness that you gather throughout the day long with exquisite services and facilities including a Mini bar, Tea/coffee kettle.

Cuisines & Restaurant

The Kitchen _ Multi Cusine Family Restaurant

Experience the fine dining moments with our breath taking food preparations. We serve several delectable, mouth watering Indian, Chinese , Continental delicacies and cuisines.

Olive Bistro _ lounge Bar

Olive Bistro is our lounge bar with perfect settings to unwind and spend your time. A connoisseur’s delight. It’s the perfect place in town to unwind with your family and friends. We house some of the world’s best range of beverages and classic mixes of cocktails and mocktails

Services & Facilities

  • LCD TV
  • WI-FI
  • 24/7 SERVICES

Kurukshetra Sightseeing

  • Brahma Sarovar
    Brahma Sarovar tank is a sacred waterbody in Thanesar. As per mythology, Kurukshetra was created by Lord Brahma ensuing a huge yagna. There is also a statue of Lord Shiva in the sarovar which can be reached via a bridge. The tank stands spectacular during Gita Jayanti in the end of November and the beginning of December with deep daan (floating lamps in water) & aarti taking place. A dip in this tank is said to bestow the fruits of performing the Ashvamedha Yajna.
  • Sannihit Sarovar
    Sannihit Sarovar is supposed to be the confluence of the the seven holy rivers. The word sannihit means to collect. True to its meaning, the Sannihit Sarovar is believed to collect water from all the sacred rivers and tiraths, especially the seven holy rivers on the occasion of solar eclipse and Amavasya. The scriptures say that a bath in Sannihit Sarovar on no moon days and on day of eclipses earns the merit of an Ashwamedha Yagna.
  • Sri Krishna Museum
    Sri Krishna was the centre around whom the whole gamut of battle of Mahabharata evolved. He was the string-puller on whose fingertips all the characters of the epic of Mahabharata—its valiant heroes, heroines, saints and sages—danced. Saintly and invincible warriors, like Karna, Dronacharya and Bhisham Pitamah, were aware of this inevitable reality and yet couldn’t help dancing to his tunes or probably they danced willingly knowing this was the only path of their sadgatti or salvation. A museum dedicated to Sri Krishna was set-up by Kurukshetra Development Board in 1987. It was later shifted to the first block of the existing building.
  • Jyotisar
    Probably amongst the most venerated pilgrim centres of the world for Hindus, Jyotisar was the place where Lord Krishna delivered the divine knowledge of Bhagavad Gita to Arjuna on the battlefield of Kurukshetra. It was the starting point of the battle where conches announcing the war were blown. It is believed that its location and importance was realised first of all by Adi Shankaracharya in the course of his journey to the Himalayas in the 9th century of the Christian calendar. The ruler of Kashmir built a temple dedicated to Lord Shiva as a mark of recognition of its religious significance in 1850 AD. The monarch of Darbhanga built a stone platform around the sacred banyan tree, which still stands as testimony to the origin of Gita.
  • Kalpana Chawla Memorial Planetarium
    Kalpana Chawla, the intrepid daughter of India, who made her country proud through her historic space journeys, was born in Karnal in Haryana. The government of Haryana set up the Kalpana Chawla Memorial Planetarium as a tribute to her memory post her death in the crash of the spacecraft she was travelling in. The planetarium provides a detailed account of her exploits as an astronaut.

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The Platinum Pheowa, NH-152 Dhand Road, District Kurukshetra Pehowa 136128

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